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Mujeres de Maiz has workshops and presentations available that we can bring to your school or workplace. Rates vary on workshop needs, please contact us at for more information.


Artivism in Action: Educate, Empower, Transform

A presentation on how Artivism (art and activism) can educate, empower, inspire and transform people and communities. Facilitators share various examples of projects created with different causes and mediums for this purpose including their own work, and that of the groundbreaking Los Angeles women’s collective, Mujeres de Maiz.















Artists, Activists and Work, Oh My!  Non-Traditional Jobs in Communities of Color

A presentation and talk about non-traditional jobs working within art and social justice arena and creating your own career and path in communities of color. Participants will hear the personal journey of a womyn of color artivist, Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes, and the path she has chosen to create as the Zapatistas say “a world where many worlds fit.”  Discussion will also bring up sexism, payment, and treatment of artists within social movements, artist unions, issues of cultural capital and more.


Cultura Cura Circles: Culturally based Holistic Talking Circles for

Ourselves and our Community

Based on indigenous and ancestral ways of relating with each other, these circles allow groups and individuals to open up to each other and to the sacred within us all. The circle encourages dialogue, respect, sharing, and learning among members of a group and values the interconnected culture, teachings and knowledge of all especially that of Indigenous ways. The symbolism of the circle, with no beginning and with no one in a position of prominence, serves to encourage people to speak freely and honestly in a safe space.


Cesar Chavez:  Education, Celebration, and Service

A workshop on how you can honor Cesar Chavez Day and farmworkers in your community or campus. Basic information and background regarding Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Movement are shared including a video as well as various resources (sample curriculum/lesson plan referrals). How to’s including organizing an assembly, special event at your location, and service projects are discussed/shared.




















Chicana Art: Resistance and Affirmation - Then and Now

This presentation shares decades of information and images focusing on Chican@ art from the 1960’s to present. Various photos, mediums, and artists as well as collectives will be discussed as well as major themes, campaigns and issues and developments.


















Decolonizing and Decentralizing Healing Ways: Ancestral and Abuelita Knowledge for Today

This workshop will focus on deconstructing the structures and institutions that are barriers to health and wellness in our communities as well as seeking alternative wellness methods including herbalism and other ways of knowing and healing. We will begin to connect the dots and cycles of life by sharing about indigenous traditional ways of healing and how each of us can connect to our roots and decolonize health and medicine. The workshop will introduce natural and holistic healing methods, plants and traditions and bring forth the experiential knowledge that the participants in the circle have including family and home recipes, remedios, etc. We will also create and take home personalized tea blends for our health and healing needs and encourage all to continue this path of healing and share with others.



















A Healing Journey - Finding Purpose

A platica/presentation on a path towards wellness and healing. Sharing about childhood, struggles and path within and out of political & spiritual movements, Felicia Montes shares her personal struggle to find herself and connects it to our many commonalities and who we really are, our passions and our purpose. This presentation specifically shares different ways of knowing and healing that I have been a part of and what each has brought to me as an urban women of color. Presentation usually follows with a talking circle for those in attendance to also share.

















Journey to Sobriety

This talk will share about a women of color’s personal journey to sobriety as a young Chicana women living in Los Angeles. It will speak to ways to gain support and begin the process to sobriety and indigenous traditions and ways of healing.This workshop will speak about how sobriety and wellbriety (a term that will be introduced) allow us to live deeper and richer lives. Many want healthy communities and to empower our communities, so we will start with ourselves. Fe has been called to share her story and also share alterNatives. This talk is suggested to also share time for a full talking circle with all participants.


Movemynt Pains:  Dealing with Sexism & Fleshing Feminism in Social Justice Circles

The workshop is a beginning dialogue regarding sexism, gender politics and issues within movement organizing as well as sharing of resources and ways to begin to not only challenge patriarchy but also to flesh out and embody feminism and create spaces of healing and empowerment of all peoples.


The Power of Poetry

A creative writing workshop for all. Share your stories, validate your voices, honor you his/herstories.  Writing is way to do all of this. In this workshop, the facilitators shares her own experience as a poet and some of their pieces and guides the group in writing exercises and prompts to share stories.


The Power of Posters: Silkscreening and Self Determination

This hands on workshop shares the ancient technique of silkscreening. Posters have been used for centuries to share messages and make statements. Participants will plan and create an image via stencil to make personal or political posters during the workshop. *These workshops can be personalized to specific issues/topics including self esteem, immigration, sexuality, gender and much more.


Self and Community Care

A skill-share on discussing and sharing tools for beginning self care and protection. Tools shared benefit all but are specifically supportive of activists and cultural workers. We will discuss and partake in beginning meditation, energy protection, herbal and stone allies, incenses and basic practices to take care of ourselves and strive for balance in body, mind, spirit. This introductory skillshare is an offering for those working tirelessly to create another world. We see and appreciate you! "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self preservation and that is an act of political warfare" -Audre Lorde















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