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Oral Herstory Project

The Oral Herstory Project is a partnership between Mujeres de Maiz and Cal State LA Students.

Margaret Alarcón

Education/Degrees/Certificates: BFA, Illustration, Art Center, M.Ed. Cross Cultural Education, M.F.A. Studio Arts, Cal State LA

Art Mediums: Sculptural mixed media, printmaking, papel picado, classical painting & drawing.

Themes: growing up in East LA; her educational experiences; learning papel picado with her aunt and mother at Plaza de la Raza; experiences in art schools where there was no

representation of Chicana/o and indigenous art; creation of sculptural objects and paintings; the role of Mujeres de Maiz as a space of support.





Iris De Anda

Education/Degrees/Certificates: BS, Natural Health

Art Mediums: Poetry

Themes: growing up in El Sereno in the 80s; schooling experience in Catholic schools and UC Santa Cruz; interest in punk culture; participating in open mic poetry readings and creating her own venue; publication of her book Codeswitch; participating in the Mujeres de Maiz zine and finding community.









Lilia "Liliflor" Ramirez

Education/Degrees/Certificates: B.A from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultural Studies.

Art Mediums: painting, muralism, papier mache sculpture,

Themes: growing up in South Central Los Angeles; busing for education; interest in hip hop and graffiti art in the 80s; taking her first art class; public art performance and protest; inspired by

Guillermo Gomez Peña; creating a hybrid art practice; art as healing.









Michelle L. Lopez

Education/Degrees/Certificates: M.A. in Art History, MFA and BA in Studio Art, Cal State L.A. and an  A.A, Liberal Arts

Art Mediums: Painting, Sculpture, Photograph, Video

Themes: growing up in Redlands, California; living in Kansas; balancing motherhood, going to school, family as a matriarchy and women’s rights; interest in art as a young girl but not claiming it fully until adulthood.









Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes

Education/Degrees/Certificates: B.A. UCLA- World Arts & Cultures, M.A. Chicana and Chicano Studies, CSUN, M.F.A. Otis College of Art & Design - Public Practice Art

Art Mediums: Performance, Poetry, Multi-Media, Music

Themes: growing up in East LA, Montebello, and Monterey Park; parents active in Chicano Movement; going to Chiapas and the influence of the Zapatistas; becoming a performer and poet; importance of creating spaces for art; concept of Todos Somos; balancing individual projects and collective projects; meanings of collectivity; meanings of decolonization; negotiating artivism with work, family, and school.






Amber Rose González

Education/Degrees/Certificates: B.A. in Gender, Ethnic, and Multicultural Studies, Cal Poly Pomona, M.A. and Ph.D. in Chicana and Chicano Studies from UC Santa Barbara. Art Mediums: Workshops on Social Justice

Themes: growing up in Alhambra; ethnically and racially diverse community; went to Alhambra High School, Mt. San Antonio College, and Cal Poly Pomona; interest in environmental and

animal rights issues since a child; meanings of indigenous identity; decolonization.






Marisol L. Torres

Education/Degrees/Certificates: B.A. Latin American Studies, Cal State L.A., M.F.A. Dramatic Writing, Television, Film, & Theatre, Cal State L.A.

Art Mediums: Performer, Visual Artist, and Writer

Themes: growing up in the San Fernando Valley in larger family; father is Mexican, mother is Nicaraguan; interested in art, music, and performance at a very young age; played piano, sang in

the choir, arts; became part of the Chusma teatro group; recruited to present work at International Womyn’s Day; member of In Lak Ech spoken word group; meanings of decolonization; acknowledges her mentors.

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