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Oral Herstory Project

The Oral Herstory Project is a partnership between Mujeres de Maiz and Cal State LA Students.




The Mujeres de Maiz Oral Herstory Project: Sharing Conocimientos a collaborative presentation by CSGS faculty fellow Dr. Dionne Espinoza and Mujeres de Maiz

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017, 4:30PM


California State University, Los Angeles

5151 State University Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90032


3RD floor of the University-Student Union

Los Angeles Room BC


Mujeres de Maiz, an activist organization from East LA, presents a panel that explores the process of interviewing women of color artivists and members of Mujeres de Maiz through the Oral Herstory project. This panel is presented in association with the Mujeres de Maiz Twenty Year Retrospective Exhibit.


Margaret Alarcón

Education/Degrees/Certificates: BFA, Illustration, Art Center, M.Ed. Cross Cultural Education, M.F.A. Studio Arts, Cal State LA

Art Mediums: Sculptural mixed media, printmaking, papel picado, classical painting & drawing.

Themes: growing up in East LA; her educational experiences; learning papel picado with her aunt and mother at Plaza de la Raza; experiences in art schools where there was no

representation of Chicana/o and indigenous art; creation of sculptural objects and paintings; the role of Mujeres de Maiz as a space of support.





Iris De Anda

Education/Degrees/Certificates: BS, Natural Health

Art Mediums: Poetry

Themes: growing up in El Sereno in the 80s; schooling experience in Catholic schools and UC Santa Cruz; interest in punk culture; participating in open mic poetry readings and creating her own venue; publication of her book Codeswitch; participating in the Mujeres de Maiz zine and finding community.









Lilia "Liliflor" Ramirez

Education/Degrees/Certificates: B.A from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultural Studies.

Art Mediums: painting, muralism, papier mache sculpture,

Themes: growing up in South Central Los Angeles; busing for education; interest in hip hop and graffiti art in the 80s; taking her first art class; public art performance and protest; inspired by

Guillermo Gomez Peña; creating a hybrid art practice; art as healing.









Michelle L. Lopez

Education/Degrees/Certificates: M.A. in Art History, MFA and BA in Studio Art, Cal State L.A. and an  A.A, Liberal Arts

Art Mediums: Painting, Sculpture, Photograph, Video

Themes: growing up in Redlands, California; living in Kansas; balancing motherhood, going to school, family as a matriarchy and women’s rights; interest in art as a young girl but not claiming it fully until adulthood.









Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes

Education/Degrees/Certificates: B.A. UCLA- World Arts & Cultures, M.A. Chicana and Chicano Studies, CSUN, M.F.A. Otis College of Art & Design - Public Practice Art

Art Mediums: Performance, Poetry, Multi-Media, Music

Themes: growing up in East LA, Montebello, and Monterey Park; parents active in Chicano Movement; going to Chiapas and the influence of the Zapatistas; becoming a performer and poet; importance of creating spaces for art; concept of Todos Somos; balancing individual projects and collective projects; meanings of collectivity; meanings of decolonization; negotiating artivism with work, family, and school.






Amber Rose González

Education/Degrees/Certificates: B.A. in Gender, Ethnic, and Multicultural Studies, Cal Poly Pomona, M.A. and Ph.D. in Chicana and Chicano Studies from UC Santa Barbara. Art Mediums: Workshops on Social Justice

Themes: growing up in Alhambra; ethnically and racially diverse community; went to Alhambra High School, Mt. San Antonio College, and Cal Poly Pomona; interest in environmental and

animal rights issues since a child; meanings of indigenous identity; decolonization.






Marisol L. Torres

Education/Degrees/Certificates: B.A. Latin American Studies, Cal State L.A., M.F.A. Dramatic Writing, Television, Film, & Theatre, Cal State L.A.

Art Mediums: Performer, Visual Artist, and Writer

Themes: growing up in the San Fernando Valley in larger family; father is Mexican, mother is Nicaraguan; interested in art, music, and performance at a very young age; played piano, sang in

the choir, arts; became part of the Chusma teatro group; recruited to present work at International Womyn’s Day; member of In Lak Ech spoken word group; meanings of decolonization; acknowledges her mentors.

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